Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Box Office Hours of Operation?
The Call Centre is open Monday – Friday 9:30am-3:00pm
The Box Office hours are Monday-Friday 9:00am-3:00pm

The Call Centre & Box Office are closed Sundays and all Holidays.

During the summer break, our box office has reduced hours.

How can I purchase tickets on Sundays?
If you would like to purchase tickets for one of the Sunday Performances (when the Box Office is closed), please contact Andrew Wells, Dinner Theatre Operation Manager at 780.930.4021. If seats are still available for the show you would like to attend, he will take your name, phone number, and number of tickets and will inform the Theatre Representative that you will be coming in to purchase tickets for that performance. Please arrive at the Theatre at least 20 minutes after the doors open and visit the “Will Call Desk” in the lobby of the Dinner Theatre to purchase your tickets.

What is your Refund/Exchange Policy?
There are no Refunds on tickets however we can Exchange the tickets to another show date within the same production. Exchanges must be made at least 48 hours prior to your show date. There is an exchange fee of $5.25 per ticket.

If you have an email address on file, we can email you the new tickets or send you a confirmation of the change.

If you do not have an email address on file, we will require you to bring in the original tickets to the Box Office within 48 hours to complete the exchange.

There are no exchanges after the scheduled show date. If you exchange your tickets to a date of a special event (New Year’s Eve, etc.) you will be required to pay regular price, owing the difference from your other ticket price.

Season Ticket Members and 3-Play Mini Subscription Members will only be charged the service fee on additional tickets that are purchased.

For Refund/Exchange Policies for Groups of 10 or more people please contact the Group Sales Office (780.930.4050).

What is your sharing policy?
Our theatre has a “Sharing Policy.” If you have purchased two (2) tickets and are sitting at a table for four (4) or five (5) people, you may be sharing with other guests if the theatre is sold out. The Mayfield Dinner Theatre reserves the right to sell the other two (2) seats without notice.

How do i receive my tickets?
Tickets @ Home: If you book your tickets over the phone or online, the tickets can be emailed to you to either (1) print your tickets at home or (2) can be scanned from your smartphone.

Tickets @ Will Call: If you book your tickets over the phone or online, you can choose this option to pick up the tickets at the Will Call Desk on the day of your show.

Where do I pick up my tickets?
Tickets can be picked up in advance at the Box Office during our business hours. Any tickets not picked up in advance will be at the “Will Call Desk” in the Dinner Theatre Lobby on the day of the show. The doors for the Theatre Lobby will open ½ hour before the Theatre opens.

What time do the theatre doors open?
Evening performances: Doors open at 5:30pm. The meal service runs from 5:30pm-7:30pm and the show starts at 7:30pm.
Brunch performances – Doors open at 10am. The meal service runs from 10am-Noon and the show begins at noon.

How long are the performances?
Each show varies in length and can run anywhere from 2-3 hours.

What is your dress code for the theatre?
The recommended dress code is business casual: no jeans, t-shirts, or runners. Management has the right to deny anyone admittance if their attire is not suitable.

What should I do if I have food allergies or dietary restrictions?
Please check out our Dining page on our website to see the current shows buffet menu. The menu will be labelled Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly, or May Contain Nuts. If you have severe allergies and are concerned about cross contamination we can prepare a Dietary Restricted Meal for you that will be served to you at your table. Please note that the Dietary Restricted Meal is a substitute for the buffet. If you receive the meal, you are not to eat from the buffet due to the possibility of cross-contamination. If you choose to have a meal prepared for you, please contact the Box Office at 780.930.4048 at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled show date. You will have a Policy Agreement sent to you to sign and return before going over meal options. Please note that depending on your request, there may be an additional charge for preparation of the Special Meal.

Are hearing devices available?
Yes, please contact the Box Office in advance.  We have a limited number of devices so please let us know which day you would like one.

Is your theatre wheelchair accessible?
Our Theatre is Wheelchair friendly. There are no stairs in the theatre, and the tiers are sloped for easy access. We do have designated seating to allow room for Wheelchairs; when booking your tickets please inform the agent and they will provide you with the best seating available to accommodate a Wheelchair.

Do you do anything for special occasions?
We do have a special occasion silent announcement screens that runs during meal service. We also offer cakes (appx 6-inch x 4-inch) for an additional cost. Please call the Box Office at least 48 hours before the scheduled show dates to arrange for a screen announcement or to order a cake.

What number do I give the babysitter?
Call the Dinner Theatre Lobby at 780.930.4079 or contact the Theatre Manager at 780.930.4021.

Where can I park my vehicle?
You can park your vehicle outside the theatre at the southeast corner.

Season ticket holders may park in Reserved Parking Stalls and must display their Season Ticket Holder Parking Pass in plain view on their dash or  behind their rear-view mirror.

Where would I find Handicap Parking?
Handicap Parking is available on the southeast corner of the theatre, or by the main entrance to the hotel.

Can we smoke in the Dinner theatre?
No. The theatre is non-smoking.

Can I leave my cell phone, pager, etc. on during the performance?
Cell phones and electronic devices must be turned off during the performance.

Can I take photos in the theatre?
Photos can only be taken during the meal and intermission time.

Pictures cannot be taken during the performance.

Can I go back to the buffet during the show or at intermission?
The buffet closes once the show starts. You are welcome to take additional items from the buffet to snack on during the show and intermission.

What is included in your ticket price?
Your ticket includes the buffet meal, coffee, tea and the Dinner Theatre Production.

What if I have lost my tickets?
If you have misplaced your tickets, call the Box Office to confirm your date and seats.

On the day of your performance, you can either stop by the box office or visit our Theatre Representative at the “Will Call” desk to have the tickets reissued. The purchaser of the tickets is required to show picture ID for us to reissue the tickets. If the purchaser’s name is different from the person attending, please notify the Box Office with the name of the person that will be using the tickets, so we can reissue the tickets for the person(s) attending.

You will be asked to show picture ID when picking up your tickets.

Is gratuity added to the ticket price?
There is no gratuity added to the ticket price at the time of purchase. The recommend gratuity of 20% on ticket price and drinks can be left at your table on your show date.

What if a performance is cancelled?
The Mayfield Dinner Theatre reserves the right to change/cancel advertised shows, dates, or cast. In the event of change/cancellation, our priority would be to reschedule another performance date for all patrons with tickets.

Who do I send comments to in regards to the shows, buffet, etc.?
Comments can be sent to Cody Lockett, Food & Beverage Service Manager at or by phone at 780.930.4021.

Who do I contact for a donation from the Mayfield Dinner Theatre?
All donation requests can be sent to Holly O’Neill, Director of Sales & Marketing at or 780-930-4037.

What happens if I miss a performance?
We do not exchange or refund for missed show dates. You always have the option to give or sell your tickets to family or friends.

What are Rush Tickets? How can I book Rush tickets?
Rush tickets (last-minute discounted tickets) can only be purchased after 4:00pm on the day of the show (depending on availability). You will be given seating assigned by the agent at the time of booking.

Do you have a seniors’ discount?
We do not offer a senior’s discount on tickets; however, our Wednesday Brunch prices are at a reduced rate for our seniors.

Are children allowed in the theatre?
We allow children ages 6 and up in the Theatre.

INFANTS (Babies in Arms) or children 5 years old and under are NOT permitted in the theatre.

Do you have children’s ticket prices?
The child ticket price is $69.00 plus tax for children ages 6 to 12 years old inclusive.

Can I purchase tickets as a gift?
Tickets can be purchased as a gift for someone however we require the person’s name in order for the tickets to be picked up by that person. A service fee of $5.25 per ticket will be charged if they need to exchange the show date. We recommend that you purchase a Gift Card for a set amount and the Recipient of the Gift Card can choose a date best suited for them. If there is any remaining balance left on the Gift Card, they can use it towards drinks or toward tickets to a future show date.

Can I hold seats and pay for them at a later date?
Tickets cannot be held for new purchases. If you have dinner theatre tickets and you need to change your tickets to another date, we can hold new seats for a maximum of 48 hours however you are required to bring the old tickets to do the exchange within the 48 hours.

Do you mail out tickets?
We do not mail out our tickets, as there is a risk of them being lost. This could cause a problem on the day of your performance if someone gets a hold of the lost tickets and tries to use them for that performance.

Are there any service fees for using the online booking process? If so, what is the cost?
There are no additional fees added to purchases made online.

Why can’t I purchase more than 4 seats online?
As our tables only hold a maximum of 4, we can only permit online sales of 4 tickets. If we were to book more than 4 tickets online, we could not guarantee that the tables would be together; they could be placed in different areas around the theatre.

Where can I purchase Gift Cards?
You can purchase Gift Cards in person at the Box Office or you can now purchase an Online Gift Card in certain denominations on our Website. For Gift Card purchase requests taken over the phone, a credit card authorization form to be completed before we can process any purchases. Ask the Ticket Sales Agent for all details.

Do Gift Cards have Expiry dates?
Gift Cards do not have expiry dates and can be used at any time.

What if I have lost or misplaced my Gift Card?
Gift Cards that are lost or misplaced cannot be reissued.

What if I want to find out the value left on a gift card?
On the back of the Gift Card is a toll-free number you can call to check your balance.

The number is 1.800.242.5353.

Do you charge GST on Gift cards?
Gift cards are purchased as a dollar denomination. No GST is charged.

How and where do I redeem a Gift Card or an online Gift Card?
Gift Cards and Online Gift Cards can be redeemed over the phone or in person.

They cannot be redeemed online.

Gift Cards can be used at the Box Office for tickets, at the Double Tree by Hilton West Edmonton for your stay, or at The Stages Restaurant.

To redeem your Gift Card over the phone for Dinner Theatre tickets, we require the full number on the back of the Gift Card and the balance owing would need to be paid at that time.

To redeem your Online Gift Card for Dinner Theatre tickets, we will require information from the attachment that was sent at the time of purchase.

Please note, Online Gift Cards cannot be redeemed at the Double Tree by Hilton West Edmonton Hotel or at the Stages Restaurant. If you would like to use your Online Gift Card at the Hotel or at the Stages Restaurant you will need to make arrangements in advance at the Box Office to convert your Online Gift Card to an actual Gift Card.

Do I have to bring in my gift card to the Box Office to purchase tickets?
You can book your tickets over the phone by giving your gift card number and any additional payment (credit card). Gift Cards cannot be used for online purchases.

When can I purchase Season Tickets?
If you wish to become a new Season Ticket Subscriber you can purchase Season Tickets at the Box Office or on our Website, starting either mid-April or beginning of May. Please check with the Box Office for the first day that they go on sale. Season Tickets are sold until the end of the first show of the Season. If you see the first show of the season and decide you want Season Tickets we can take what you paid for your Regular price ticket and apply it towards Season Tickets. If you are interested in Season Tickets for the next season you can call the Box Office and we can add your name to our Waiting List and we will contact you once we start selling Season Tickets for the new Season.

Is there a discount for Season Ticket holders if they need extra tickets?
Purchase any additional Regular Price tickets and receive
10% discount on Friday, Saturday Evenings, Wednesday and Sunday Brunch,
25% discount on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday Evenings.

What is a 3-Play Mini Subscription?
Our 3 Play Mini Subscription is a subscription where you can choose 3 out of the 5 shows.
3-Play Mini Subscriptions are only available for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Fridays, and Sunday Evenings as well as the Wednesday Brunches. Please contact the Box Office for further details.

There are no Service Fees for ticket exchanges for 3 Play Mini Subscribers.

When can I purchase the 3-Play Mini Subscription?
3-Play Mini Subscriptions go on sale in the Spring, but you can contact the box office if you would like your name put on the waiting list. We can then call you when we start selling 3-Play Mini Subscriptions.

What time of year is considered your theatre season?
Our season runs from September to August of each year and consists of five (5) shows.

What days of the week does the Dinner Theatre have shows?
We have shows every day of the week except Monday.

On Sundays we hold a brunch and an evening performance. We also hold a brunch performance every second Wednesday.

How many seats does the Dinner Theatre have?
The Dinner Theatre has 452 seats in theatre-style seating and has 4 elevations. There are no pillars to obstruct your view of the stage. It is 66 feet from the stage to the back wall of the theatre. The theatre has tables of 2 or 4, as well as booths of 4 or 5. Tables can accommodate 6-8 people in total. The Chairs are swivel bucket seats with casters. Booths are in the shape of a half circle and have bench seating (more restricted leg room) and are elevated one step up from the tables.

Is there a map in the Yellow Pages or phone book?
We do not have a map in the Yellow pages or phone book. The dinner theatre map can be found on our website at You can also request us to email or fax a copy to you, or you can pick up one at the Box Office.

Are the actors/actresses from Canada?
The Mayfield Dinner Theatre is a professional theatre company operating under the jurisdiction of the Canadian Actors Equity Association. The actors/actresses are members of the Canadian Actors Equity Association.