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Soul Sistas: September 5 - October 29, 2017

Two incredible women. Two great stories. Soul Sistas is a multi-part tribute to the iconic African American female singers of our time. This year, Part One tells the tale of these two extraordinary talents…

“La Magnifique”, “La Diva Franklin”, “La Regina del Soul” – whatever we call her, Aretha Franklin is recognized the world all over as the greatest pop and R ‘n B voice of all time, and the most celebrated female artist in the history of recorded music. We have a look at her gospel beginnings in the church, her famous father and her path to becoming the undisputed Queen of Soul.

Then, get ready for the power and passion that is Tina Turner. We explore the story of her incredible talent and the countless obstacles that she overcame to become one of the most dynamic performers of her generation. A tough childhood, a hugely successful but tumultuous career in the 60’s and 70’s with her husband Ike Turner, and then her incredible resurface in the 80’s makes hers one of the greatest comeback stories of all time!

With an unbelievably talented cast, this promises to be an amazing evening of music, celebrating the lives and careers of these two incredible Soul Sistas!

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Soul Sistas

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Sep 5 - Oct 29 2017

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