June 22 - August 19, 2012

Mayfield Dinner Theatre presents their latest production about the classic love triangle: husband, wife, and… dog? Greg and Kate are a typical Manhattan couple. They’ve finally sent the last of their kids off to college and have moved back into the city to enjoy their years alone together before retirement. Kate is enjoying their new-found freedom and has headed back into the workforce, but Greg is unhappy at work and struggling to cope with his mid-life crisis. Then a solution jumps into his lap in the form of a loving and hyperactive Labrador-Poodle mix named Sylvia. Greg forms an unusual bond to the mutt, who offers him an escape from his frustrations. But to Kate, Sylvia becomes a rival for her husband’s affection, ultimately putting Greg in the doghouse. Sylvia is a witty, intelligently comedic and tender tale about life and love in the middle years.

*Warning: Mature content, not suitable for children.

2011 / 2012 Season

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