Sexy Laundry

July 5 - August 7, 2022


After 25 years of marriage, time, kids, stress, practicality (and gravity) have all taken their toll on Alice and Henry’s relationship. Worried about their future, Alice decides to take charge of the situation by arming herself with a copy of Sex for Dummies and books an upscale hotel room, hoping to rekindle some passion. With a reluctant Henry in tow, will Alice manage to jumpstart their sex life with leather and lace, or will the gloves come off before the clothes do? Sexy Laundry is a touching and laugh-out-loud romantic comedy that is guaranteed to strike a chord!

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Written by Michele Riml

Starring Glenn Nelson and Davina Stewart

Director – Patricia Darbasie
Costume Designer – Leona Brausen
Set Designer – John Dinning
Lighting Designer – Gail Ksionzyk
Stage Manager – Rachel Rudd
Production Assistant – Sang-Sang Lee
Lighting & Audio Operator – Alex Hoblak

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