Girls’ Night Out Package

Every Thursday is Girls’ Night Out!

From June 17 to July 31, bring your three best girlfriends for dinner and a performance of Henry and Alice Into the Wild! Tickets are only $69 (+GST) per person. Purchase 4 tickets and you will receive a bottle of house wine.

When times get tough, the tough go… camping? One of your favourite married couples is back in this much-anticipated, hilarious follow-up to the smash hit Sexy Laundry! When Henry unexpectedly loses his job, he and Alice are thrown into a midlife crisis and are forced to reconsider their dreams for a comfortable retirement. In an attempt to make the sparks fly again (and keep costs down), they forego their usual summer cottage for a humble campsite and a copy of Camping for Dummies. The new environment isn’t the only challenge they face as they examine their relationship in the tangle of the wilderness. The perfect, laugh-a-minute summer comedy!

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